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Website Perfection

I feel like I write this post every couple of years, when I decide that revisit my website. I’m never sure what I’m trying to get out of my site, I’m not really sure now.

Previously I’ve been driven to try and perfect the CMS to allow me the flexibility to structure my post just so. Spending time coding where I know I’m strong and hiding behind the need to perfectly structure every post.

Now I understand that actually I’m never going to better understand my personal writing style and improve if I don’t put it out there. In my general day to day I know I spend more time rereading, rewriting and restructuring poorly structured documents than I do anything else. I put my code on github, why not put my writing on github. I’m sure it’s going to be painful as criticism is never something I want to hear, having written open source code for a long time I’ve made the realisation that any feedback is good feedback. If someone’s spent the time to write you a response they care about what you’ve written.

Even writing that down helps me prioritise what’s next. Based on me wanting feedback I’m going to leave the glaring interface issue and look at adding github and/or disqus.


13 Oct 2015 #code