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Comic Con
Comic Con Birmingham 2015

This weekend I headed out to Comic Con with my eldest son. I really enjoyed it, except the queue to get in that is.

Top highlight was meeting Miriam Margolye.

Comic Con

Earlier this month I’d decided to get some Tickets for me and my eldest to MCM Comic Con Birmingham. It’s not something I’ve got a huge interest in but being as geek as I am I’ve read a comic book or two in my time.

I purchased general entry tickets which allows entry from 11am, knowing that for 90% of geeky events we’re all queue up from 10:30am I’d planned to leave the house no earlier than 11am to not end up in the initial queue. I needed to pick up some cash for car parking (£12!!!). I think we rocked up about 11:20am.

When we got there the queue was huge. I was however grateful when we’d made it half way we saw the queue to buy tickets. There must have been over 1,000 people in the queue to buy tickets and then they had to join the queue we were in.


There were loads of great costumes and Birmingham Mail has some great pictures. They don’t do it justice and you’ll never understand the effort that they make until you go. This drives this great atmosphere where people are taking pictures and sharing these great creations with everyone who attends. It’s all about this atmosphere, it’s that that makes it special.

Special Guests

I attended on Saturday so didn’t get to see Liv Tyler. The only other special guests I wanted to see were Jemima Rooper and Miriam Margolyes. I made a number of visits to the Special Guests area but I never saw Jemima Rooper. Every time I did there was always a queue to see Miriam. In the end I had to join this length queue but it was defiantly worth the wait. You can tell she’s a seasoned professional at these events and was both interesting and engaging. I’d recommend joining the queue should you ever get the opportunity.

Will I be attending the next one? I will if I can, it was £10 well spent.