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Like usual life gets the better of me. I won’t bore you with the details. More importantly I’ve managed to secure the all important Fish Pie recipe. I’ve searched for this online and never come across it. It’s a news paper clipping titled “Celebrity Square Meals, Richard Bacon’s fish pie”. A quick Google suggests this originates from The Independent. If someone can point me to the recipe from another source / copyright owner I’ll happily remove this and link directly there.
5 Sep 2016 #food #recipe
This weekend I headed out to Comic Con with my eldest son. I really enjoyed it, except the queue to get in that is. Top highlight was meeting Miriam Margolye. Comic Con Earlier this month I’d decided to get some Tickets for me and my eldest to MCM Comic Con Birmingham. It’s not something I’ve got a huge interest in but being as geek as I am I’ve read a comic book or two in my time.