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This weekend I headed out to Comic Con with my eldest son. I really enjoyed it, except the queue to get in that is. Top highlight was meeting Miriam Margolye. Comic Con Earlier this month I’d decided to get some Tickets for me and my eldest to MCM Comic Con Birmingham. It’s not something I’ve got a huge interest in but being as geek as I am I’ve read a comic book or two in my time.
Great Night, learnt a new skill and 100% free. I’ll be going again. TL;DR This is my first review of a meet up and hopeful I’ll start making more effort to blog about things in general. I’m hoping it helps other people who want to attend or get an idea what it was like in general. Last night I attended fizzPOP’s Lock Picking Night which I’ve been meaning to do since it was recommended in one of Birmingham’s other meet ups.
8 Oct 2015 #Birmingham