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Like usual life gets the better of me. I won’t bore you with the details. More importantly I’ve managed to secure the all important Fish Pie recipe. I’ve searched for this online and never come across it. It’s a news paper clipping titled “Celebrity Square Meals, Richard Bacon’s fish pie”. A quick Google suggests this originates from The Independent. If someone can point me to the recipe from another source / copyright owner I’ll happily remove this and link directly there.
5 Sep 2016 #food #recipe
This weekend I headed out to Comic Con with my eldest son. I really enjoyed it, except the queue to get in that is. Top highlight was meeting Miriam Margolye. Comic Con Earlier this month I’d decided to get some Tickets for me and my eldest to MCM Comic Con Birmingham. It’s not something I’ve got a huge interest in but being as geek as I am I’ve read a comic book or two in my time.
As I mentioned before I found the whole deployment process for Hugo rather clunky. The advantage of WordPress and co is that you can deploy content changes without too much hassle. A quick google doesn’t really bring up anything that fits my use case. I don’t use S3 etc I’m still have a classic old school webhosting with ukhost4u. Time to roll my own… Hugo Continuous Deployment (Github -> Codeship -> FTP to Website) Webhost Setup You need an FTP username & Password that will be used to send the generated HTML files to your website.
I mentioned in my last website post that I needed to add a way to get feedback into my site. In the end I went for adding comments over getting my build/deployment process over to github. I’m sure that’ll be next as the deployment process is more than a little clunky. In the end I’ve gone with disqus. I’m not a fan of just jumping on the bandwagon of the biggest player so I did look around but in the end I returned back to disqus.
21 Oct 2015 #code
I feel like I write this post every couple of years, when I decide that revisit my website. I’m never sure what I’m trying to get out of my site, I’m not really sure now. Previously I’ve been driven to try and perfect the CMS to allow me the flexibility to structure my post just so. Spending time coding where I know I’m strong and hiding behind the need to perfectly structure every post.
13 Oct 2015 #code
Great Night, learnt a new skill and 100% free. I’ll be going again. TL;DR This is my first review of a meet up and hopeful I’ll start making more effort to blog about things in general. I’m hoping it helps other people who want to attend or get an idea what it was like in general. Last night I attended fizzPOP’s Lock Picking Night which I’ve been meaning to do since it was recommended in one of Birmingham’s other meet ups.
8 Oct 2015 #Birmingham